Developing Your Artist Identity


This in-depth course has been designed to position you at the centre of your creative process.  Through 20+ years of art education practice, Ilhaam has carefully constructed her ultimate teaching and learning experience that will guide you to find your authentic voice as an artist.

Through working with Ilhaam, you will establish your dominant paradigm of image-making, explore the themes that are meaningful to you, create within the applicable and relevant methodology, and be exposed to diverse techniques that will enable you to select from, develop and transform.

This course is suitable for you if you have the creative need to connect with your own unique artist identity – whether you want to become an influencer, develop a body of work for an exhibition, engage in a process of meaning-making, or contribute to human knowledge. Together you will establish your particular intention and work accordingly to enable you to realise it.

Group Face-to-face tuition

This takes place in Newlands, Cape Town, on Tuesday evenings, from 18:00 to 21:00 at a cost of R1920 per 4-week month. Fees are payable monthly, and you can attend for as many months as you need.


One-On-One face-to-face tuition

This only applies to Cape Town students. Two-hour sessions are held at your own home and are scheduled at a mutually convenient time at the cost of R800.00 per hour.


One-on-One tuition via Zoom

South Africa, scheduled at a mutually convenient time at R800.00 per hour. International, scheduled at a mutually convenient time at the cost of 90 euros per hour.