Self Portrait

Ilhaam Stoloff

Ilhaam’s basis of insight has been informed by a life-long commitment to develop and express ‘who she is’ through ‘what and how she knows’ both as an artist and an art educator within Fine Art as a knowledge structure and its relation to the social and cultural context of the Artworld.

She completed a Bachelor of Technology in Fine Art with distinction in 1994 followed by a solo exhibition Meringues and Petrol before pursuing a profession as a full-time art educator.

She was the head of the Fine Art programme at the Ruth Prowse School of Art for fifteen years during which time she participated in group shows, performed flash mobs, supervised the production of large-scale public artworks for major clients and completed a Masters degree in the Philosophy of Education with distinction in 2014.

From 2017 she has been the department head of Visual Communication and senior lecturer at a private high education provider.  During her tenure in higher education, Ilhaam developed and presented two independent courses, called Develop Your Artist Identity and Portfolio Development. Both courses proved to address a niche in the informal art education industry, and her courses are sought by students all over the world.  Ilhaam is now dedicated to pursuing her dream of being an independent art educator.

Ilhaam is the founder and director of Biozest Solvents, a company started by artists and art educators dedicated to a healthy, clean and sustainable lifestyle. They supply 100% biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and hypoallergenic solvents made from oranges to retailers and to conscious consumers who appreciate sustainable living strategies, high quality products and sexy branding..