Artwork for sale

Ilhaam's work is divided into collections. All the works in her collections are for sale unless otherwise indicated.

My Art Gallery Statement

As a lover of a variety of art methodologies and use of media, I am creating these collections to incorporate and integrate many of them.  While not all my pieces are produced using the same combination of art forms, most of them include layers of my painting, photography, photomontage, and digital media and the final digital artwork is Giclee printed onto archival Fine Art paper.

My joy for diversifying the conceptual is as powerful a force as my love for multi-media. I tend to  meander through all three paradigms of thought and action in artmaking – production, communication, and social purpose and I offer collections in each of them.  Abstract, Kitchen Tart, Pop and Landscapes are all feel good and easy living collections that develop through an organic and intuitive process towards an aesthetically enjoyable outcome.  The pieces within the Mystical collection operate due to my pursuit of meaning-making, where I am exploring who I am in all of this.  Alhama is a series of contemporary Islamic Art to instil and motivate the remembrance of Allah (SWA). The Culture Probe Series has critical theoretical roots and includes artworks that interrogate the cultural colonisation of Islam.

Although I title my works, they are still able to be interpreted subjectively and it is my hope that you use your life and context to select one or more artworks in my gallery that speak to you.