The One-On-One Process

Step 1: Assessment Appointment

During an initial Zoom meeting, Ilhaam will assess and identify your level of creativity, skills and innovation. For beginners, you will discuss which specialised area of Art and design speaks to you.  After establishing your interest and need, she will propose a structure and a schedule that will be suitable for both of you.


Step 2: Bespoke Tuition  

Through a portfolio production course that is designed especially for you, you will increase your knowledge and awareness of the creative processes and thinking that are necessary to produce strong products for a cutting-edge application portfolio for the programme, job or gallery of your choice.


Step 3: Direct Application

This process is geared toward getting you ready for serious direct entry applications by submitting a completed portfolio for a Diploma, Degree, Honours, Masters Level studies, or for professional Art or Design practice.


The Group Tuition Process

Step 1: Appointment

During an initial Zoom meeting, Ilhaam will establish whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced art student, and what paradigm and trajectory of art practice you tend to operate in. She will use this information to guide you to prepare for the first session.


Step 2: Bespoke Tuition  

There is no prescribed curriculum or time-frame for this course.  You will follow your own creative path, with guided facilitation for as long as required. Knowledge tends to be cross-pollinated across the group’s participants, creating an exciting collaborative culture of teaching and learning.


Step 3: Presentation of artwork

Depending on the trajectory of art practice, exhibition options are discussed and actioned accordingly.