Artist's statement


My basis of insight has been informed by a life-long commitment to develop and express who I am through what and how I know, both as an artist and an educator within Fine Art as a knowledge structure and its relation to the social and cultural context of the Artworld.

First, I create a visual image in the appropriate methodology which expresses my thoughts, ideas and actions, and operates as a text or artifact that can embody my individual and/or cultural meaning.  My individually and culturally constructed forms then become a source and site of knowledge, understanding and theories as they represent ideas, themes and issues.

My work operates in all three paradigms of thought and action within Fine Art practice – production, communication and reflection. Whether its engaging in processes of self, practical or critical inquiry, I endeavour to practice my art as research.  My tendency is to explore robust research methods to raise theoretically charged questions that will hopefully render invisible assumptions, values and norms newly visible in order to transform unjust social relations and empower marginalized individuals and communities.